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WEDNESDAYS 5:30-6:15pm

Ages 3-7


Session Dates: April 10 to May 29 (if we miss a class due to weather, we will add a class on to the end of the session) (8-week session)


We offer a "Pay What You Can" payment option. The recommended payment for our 8-week session is $139. Please pay what you can for your family and needs. We ask that families use the honesty policy as we are a family owned business and support our family with Park Dojo.


Bring your picnic blanket or lawn chairs and come to the park for ninja classes! 

All children and abilties welcome! Bring water bottle and hat/sunscreen if needed.


Students will learn fun martial arts techniques, earn belts and grow a strong mindest. At the last class, students will earn a new belt and break a board!


Class is taught by owner/founder Coach Alyssa! Class is great for all levels and personalities. Martial arts is amazing for building confidence, focus, respect, coordination, balance and more!


*Madison Central Park (Seneca Pl): Look for our group in the open grassy area near the playground

Madison Park Spring

  • There are no refunds for prepaid services. You can use your unused credit for future classes and programs.

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