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the grass is our dojo


Let's be ninjas!

Park Dojo is a fun and innovative program that teaches martial arts foundation for the littlest ninjas. Our coaches are empowering, skilled and all background checked to keep our ninjas safe and thriving. We meet all students where they are, no matter their abilities. Park Dojo encourages physical fitness, growth mindset, new friendships, personal achievement and confidence building.

Park Dojo meets at various Charlotte areas for 40-minutes and teaches a combination of Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ), Taekwondo, boxing and fitness activities. Coaches teach age and skill appropriate curriculum along with weekly Mindset Lessons. Students earn a belt and break a board when they earn 8 stripes on their belt! ParkDojo offers a "Pay what you can" payment option, making classes affordable and accessible to all families.

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